iChTh  is a harsh noise project based in Barcelona, Spain.
Actually I'm the only member .:.:. Andres Olmo.
It's an open project :  send an e-mail for any kind of col·laborations.
You can see a surrealistic list of the equipment I use.
Now I'm working on the first release of the Monocromo series, but
you can download a sample.

Microtape Studies  CD 13 Studies in 44'12" of Harsh Noise with the only use of a microtape recorder + voice.
Wanderung CD Improvisation without overdub, using tapes, synth, voice, all kind of percussive objects, and effects.
Monocromo #01 C60 One hour of synth improvisation mixed with live sound ambient, all in a monochannel track. No overdub. (Soon).
An End To Masterpieces C90 "Scream Queen Crushing" is the title of my track on this Experimental noise compilation from Malpa.  (Soon).


The origins of Noise. A discography for newcomers.

More R&W soon...

Mirrors q vagueness Some interesting reviews Very good guide on pedal effects Home of XOME
MSBR Superb tapes
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